You know that feeling.  Life isn’t going your way and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

Sometimes you just have to suck it up.  Life is full of obstacles.  You can bang your head against the wall all day long and, the majority of the time, you just end up with a forehead the size of a Beluga whale. You can climb over the wall – this is where being young and flexible definitely has its advantages.  You can tunnel underneath the wall, I suppose, but then again…dark, dirty and just plain yuck.  So, I guess the only real option is to walk around the wall.  Walk around, go in a different direction, shake your head, release a whispered curse word to make yourself feel verbally empowered, and then…walk on.

What I have learned is that (with age comes wisdom) when you walk around obstacles, you always see things differently.  And when you see things differently, you are forced to think differently.  So, if you are still trying to overcome that obstacle, you will eventually discover a different way or, and this is the best part, you will be so taken by the sights and sounds and thoughts along your new path that one day you will notice your gratitude for the obstacle that once stood before you.  LIFE IS SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME.



Brenda Sloan

Author: Brenda Sloan

Brenda Sloan started writing in response to the challenge, “One can’t simply just write a book.” Accepting this challenge gave life to her first novel, The Elusive Mot Juste, and turned an amazing woman into an author worthy of recognition. She lives in South Carolina with her husband, four children, and their goofy Labrador, Buddy.